3 Things I Loved About Disney’s Old Key West Resort and 3 Things I Didn’t

Check out the reasons why I loved Disney's Old Key West Resort and some reasons why it isn't my favorite of the Deluxe resorts!

For my recent Girl’s Trip to Disney World, we stayed at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. I am a Disney Vacation Club owner and so Old Key West was a good option for multiple reasons. The resort is one of the cheapest of the Disney’s DVC Resorts, one of the easiest to book and their studios are the largest with two queen size beds which was perfect for four adults.

This is the fourth Disney Resort and the third DVC Resort I’ve stayed at. Although I greatly enjoyed our stay and Disney as always met or exceeded my expectations, Old Key West was not my favorite resort I’ve visited so far.

Saying that, there were 3 things I absolutely loved about Old Key West (OKW) and 3 things, well not so much.

3 Things I Loved!

#1 The Staff

The staff at OKW was amazing! As a Disney Resort, you expect the Cast Members to provide a certain level of service, but the staff at OKW went above and beyond!

We had groceries delivered and the cast member who retrieved our groceries, loaded them up on a golf cart, gave us a drive back to our room on the golf cart and provided us a bit of a tour with some OKW/Disney history thrown in. He carried all our groceries up to our room too!

The wait staff cast members at the restaurants were also extremely attentive. Everyone from maintenance staff to the bus drivers were wonderfully kind and accommodative.

#2 The Restaurants

Olivia’s Cafe is one of the best restaurants at Disney World. It is well worth a trip to OKW just for this restaurant. I will do a separate post in the coming weeks just to review this amazing restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all delicious here.

The walk up quick service option at Good’s Food to Go was also very good. I highly recommend the Taylor Turkey Sandwich.

#3 The Pool

As with most resorts, the main pool area was wonderful!

The 125 foot slide which is shaped like a sand castle gives the main pool it’s name. There are several hidden Mickey’s we found in the sand castle too! Can you spot one?

There is a light house/sauna, a beach area, kiddie pool and is large enough for you party to have their own space. 

To get to the pool we took any bus from our bus stop (Old Turtle Pond Road) around to the main bus stop (Hospitality House). We then walked over the bridge to the Peninsular Road Bust Stop to ride back to Old Turtle Pond Road and our room.

In addition to the “loves” I mentioned above, at every Disney Deluxe resort there are recreation facilities were there are scheduled activities and movie rentals. 

The main store is also very nice with grocery options, special Disney treats and Disney souvenirs.

3 Things I Didn’t Love!

#1 The Age of the Resort

OKW is the first Disney Vacation Club Resort and parts of it shows it’s age. They are in the process of renovating. I think we must have got one of the rooms that had not been renovated yet. Although, the room looked updated as far as the textiles, furniture and paint went, there were several problems with our room upon arrival.

Several of our power outlets didn’t work, the ceiling fan was broken, the exhaust fan switch in the bathroom was broken and the shower faucet was broken. 

Although, they responded very quickly when I called, I still would have preferred to not have the issues upon arrival.

#2 The Proximity to the Parks

OKW is in the Disney Springs section of Disney World, so the parks are a bit further and you cannot walk to any. You can take a ferry to Disney Springs.

This is a feature that can be good and bad. I’ve also stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa which is OKW’s neighbor. Our SSR trip was more relaxed and we didn’t go to the parks as much. For that trip we didn’t mind being far away from the theme parks and loved the serenity and quiet nature of the resort. This trip though was one where we spent more time touring and getting to and from the parks felt like more of an issue.

On the up side, because OKW is less busy than other resorts, there was never a long wait for a bus coming or going and we always had a seat.

#3 Lack of Elevators

This also may only be an issue to some. I live in a 3rd floor apartment, so I’m used to stairs. But, we drove from Atlanta to Orlando this trip, and after being in the car for around 7 hours, the last thing we wanted to do was haul our suitcases up stairs. 

Luckily we were only on the second floor, so it wasn’t too bad, but when on vacation, I think I prefer resorts with elevators.

          Over all, I did like Old Key West and if returning for another relaxing mostly resort only vacation, I would definitely stay here again.

Have you stayed at Old Key West? Did you like it? What is your favorite Disney Resort? Share in the comments section below!

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Melanie Tillman

Great review, Tracy! It was a very relaxing place to stay.