5 of the Most Haunted Cities in the US

Check out 5 of the most haunted cities in the US that I've visited while on my travels!

With Halloween approaching in a couple of days, I wanted to share with you some of the haunted cities I have visited over the years. Some of these are on the lists for the most haunted cities in America!

So, grab a cup of hot tea or cocoa and curl up under a blanket as we look at these beautiful and historic haunts from around the US!

#1 St. Augustine

It is no surprise that St. Augustine would be at the top of any list of most haunted cities. As the oldest city in the United States and 400 years of history, there are many stories surrounding this city to keep you up at night.

Haunted spots include the Old Jail, Cemeteries, many of the bed and breakfasts in town, restaurants, The Spanish Military Hospital and the Lighthouse.

The majority of Bed and Breakfasts in the area are haunted too. There is even one B&B that was once a funeral home and the Honeymoon suite is now located in what was once the embalming room. I was very thankful to discover that our B&B was not haunted!

There are several stories of hauntings at the Lighthouse. Three deaths occurred here. The first were two young sisters who were playing and drowned, the other is the lighthouse keeper who fell to his death. It is said that you can see the older of the two sisters, a little girl in a blue dress around the lighthouse.

Another famous haunted house is the Scarlet O’Hara restaurant and pub. The gentleman who built the house was found dead in his bath tub shortly after the house was built. It is said he may have been murdered and still haunts the restaurant.

One of the oldest cemeteries, The Huguenot Cemetery which was the burial place of non-Catholics it also one of the most haunted spots in the city. The cemetery was the resting place of many who died from the Yellow Fever and there were so many deaths related to this plague that they buried multiple bodies in each grave. You can see many ghosts here day and night!

We enjoyed a walking ghost tour of this historic city and it was so much fun! Some are kid friendly and some aren’t. So, check for details or call to see if the tour is appropriate for younger audiences. Check out these ghost tours:

Ghosts and Gravestones

A Ghostly Encounter

For more on St. Augustine, check out my post on Why St. Augustine is for Lovers.

#2 Savannah

Savannah is another one of the more haunted cities in the US. Between the civil war, being a port for slave trade, murders old and new, and pirates there are too many haunted spots to name!

Several of the inns and houses surround Forsyth Park are known to be haunted…

While exploring these houses, you can also check out one of the oldest trees in Georgia.

The stories surround the Olde Pink House actually scared me to the point where I was afraid to go to the bathroom in the basement. There are children who died in the house who are said to play pranks, including locking women inside the basement bathroom.

Most of the buildings on River Sreet are said to be haunted. From the Old Cotton Exchange to Factor’s Walk (where sadly slaves were transported through) has many sightings of spirits and feelings of unease…

The Pirate’s House restaurant is also well known to be haunted with stories of young men being abducted from their beds during the night and forced into piracy. The restaurant is in the oldest building in Savannah which was an Inn originally. There are tunnels under the Pirate House that lead to the river.


Moon River Brewing Company is also in one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. So much so, that they were featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. In was the city’s hotel in the 1800’s and they say some guests forgot to check out…

There are also many ghost stories surrounding the Bonaventure Cemetery, including the said story of little Gracie who died and still haunts her grave site as well as Johnson Square. For more check out my post on The Ethereal Beauty of Bonaventure Cemetery.

Check out this ghost tour that has kid friendly tours:

Haunted Savannah

If you are planning a trip to Savannah, check out my post on The 9 Best Places to Eat in Savannah.

#3 San Francisco

There are many haunted sites in and around the San Franciso Bay Area.

The first is the infamous Alcatraz which has been investigated on many shows over the years. Many inmates went insane and died while held there. Many of their angry ghosts are said to still haunt the prison to this day.

The Sutro Baths which are no longer used due to a fire in the 1960’s are also said to be haunted. You can see the eerie ruins and they said some very unfriendly or I dare say demonic entities are found here. I know I wouldn’t want to go there at night!

Sadly, the Golden Gate Bridge holds the record for suicides and they say you can still see some of these victims who have stuck around. They also say you can see the phantom ship, The Tennessee, pass under the bridge on foggy nights.

#4 Washington DC

It should also be no surprise that our nation’s capital would make the list. With the long history this beautiful city has and the many deaths it has seen as well, there are many very haunted places throughout.

Many of our past presidents are said to haunt 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A few of our former presidents are also said to haunt the Capital Building. James Garfield, John Quincy Adams and other representatives died in the Capital Building and apparently don’t want to leave this place of legislature.

Check out all of the many spots around DC which are said to be haunted.

Check out these DC Ghost Tours and for a guide to visiting DC check out my post, 13 Things to Know Before You Visit Washington, DC.

#5 Winston Salem

A lesser know haunted town, is the preserved historical village of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

We visited here for a long weekend a few years ago and it was quite picturesque and beautiful during the Fall Season. But, it also has a darker side.


You can read about all of Winston Salem’s local legends and ghost stories in this Winston Salem Monthly article.

Check back later for an article on tips to visiting this beautiful historic town.

I personally love the history of these cities. I enjoy a good ghost tour, not to be scared (because I’m a total wimp when it comes to scary stories), but for the history you get from them. Most ghost tours available in these cities provide a kid version for the more wimpy like myself.

Have you ever visited one of the US’s most haunted cities? Have you ever had what you believed to be a ghost encounter in one of these cities? Share in the comments section below!

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