7 Gifts the Geek in Your Life Won’t Stop Bragging About

Check out my gift buying guide to finding the perfect and unique gift tailored to your geek's specific tastes!

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If you have a geek in your life like me, you may approach holidays wondering what to buy them. I love giving gifts, more than getting them. I love thinking it out and I love seeing the look of surprise or joy when when they open it.

My husband never directly asks for anything. I learned a few years ago that finding a gift for the geek I love isn’t as hard as I thought it was. There are actually sometimes too many options. My husband, like many geeks, is very eclectic in the things he is into. He loves retro video games, science fiction, Legos, classic novels and fantasy.

Here are some gift ideas for the geek in your life they are sure to love!


This includes any and all, Legos, action figures, match box cars, or anything he collected as a child.

If your geek is into Legos, like mine, then check out the Instructables website. I found instructions here for this Lego Chess Set. I didn’t purchase the pieces for the kings they recommended and instead purchased mini Lego figure pieces for him to create unique kings for each side.

I also found instructions on the Instructables site for this Lego Case for his Raspberry Pi. If you want to know what a Raspberry Pi is, then check out the Raspberry Pi website.

To find the individual Lego pieces provided in the instructions, you can go to either the Lego website or the Bricklink website.

Video Games and Storage

During our last move one of our boxes was stolen. Here’s a little side tip, when your moving don’t label the boxes with what is actually in them. Use some sort of code and keep a list of what’s in each box with you. Because we labeled boxes “video games”, one of these boxes was stolen by the moving helpers. Kevin is thankful that his Super Nintendo games weren’t stolen as they are super valuable now. But, he did lose all of his original classic game boy games. So, over the couple of years or so he has begun to look for his missing games and has started collecting new ones.  So, locating a specific game I know he really wants as a gift would be something I know he would love!

I’ve also realized that they have fancy storage and displays for game cartridges. You could get your geek a display for him to show off his favorite or more valuable games. You can find Video Game Displays on Etsy in the Rose Colored Gaming Shop.


You can find video game storage like this Nintendo DS game case at Amazon.


Framed Items

You can have prints of scenes from movies they love framed. I found these prints from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey on Ebay.  You can also have comic books or magazines they love framed. You can find frames that work for Comic Books inexpensively at IKEA.

You can also get items they have collected framed. The two below are a Pirate Map from Disney World and an Anime poster from one of his video games. I found frames for these items at IKEA too. Just make sure you measure the item properly.

You can also use shadow boxes to frame memorabilia that they have collected. These are items from the last Braves game at Turner Stadium. I found this shadow box at IKEA too. I’m sure your seeing a theme, but IKEA really does have an excellent choice of frames at reasonable prices. You can find frames for records there too.

Movies and TV Memorabilia

If your geek, like mine, loves a particular television show or movie, you could find him memorabilia for that tv show or movie. My husband loves the Simpsons, so he has collected all of the seasons. I’ve also found books and plaques that are Simpsons related that he loves. I’ve found these items at Ollie’s, Hobby Lobby and even at Universal Studios Orlando.

Personalized Items

My husband loves to read and is a huge fan of Russian authors like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. For a period of time he even tried to learn Russian. For this purpose he was taking lots of paper notes, which being a computer geek is rare these days, but back then he was using little notebooks for his Russian studies quite a bit. I found a personalized leather notebook on Etsy and found mini composition notebooks very cheap at the Dollartree to fill it.

Check out these Etsy Shops for personalized notebooks:

Lemberg Leather

Gene of Style

Berty UA

Check out these Mini Composition Notebooks on DollarTree!

My husband also needed storage for his watches. He had recently researched his family ancestry and I found a website that sold items with your family crest. I bought him this Keepsake Box on the Family Crests website.


I told you my husband loves to read. One of his favorite books of all time is Moby Dick by Herman Melville. If you know your geek loves to read you could find a nice copy of the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon like this one or you could locate an early edition or used copy of the book.


Antique Store Finds

Antique stores are one of the best places to find unique and one of a kind gifts. Some of them are quite large and have many, many vendors within one large space. You could visit several times and see different items every time! I’ve found Civil War relics, baseball memorabilia and more. You can find gifts like this Zippo lighter and tobacco case. These have meaning to my husband because they are items that his grandfather actually owned, but they give you an example of things you can find at an antique store that would be meaningful to someone you love.

Or, you could find a unique advertisement for them to hang in their space.

Have you given the geek in your life a creative gift? Share in the comments section below! Or, want ideas that pertain to your loved one’s specific interests? Share their area of interest in the comments section and I’ll help you think of ideas!

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