Benefits of Using a Travel Consultant

In addition to blogging about my Disney Experiences, I am also an Independent Travel Consultant specializing in Disney Destinations!

I am an affiliate of Academy Travel, an official Earmarked agency for the Walt Disney Travel Company, with 20 years of making dreams come true for our clients.

You are never charged a fee for our services!

Did you know there is so much more to Disney than just Disney World and Disneyland? There are destination resorts, cruises and Adventures by Disney which takes you on travels across 6 continents!

I can also assist with non-Disney travel to Orlando such as Universal Studios vacation packages and tickets, Sea World, Lego Land and more.

And, my services extend past the Disney property to hotels off site as well!

Benefits of using a Disney Travel Consultant:

  1. Remember, the services of a Travel Consultant are absolutely FREE! And, by requesting additional information or a quote, you are under no obligation to book a vacation with my services.
  2. Support every step of the way! From budgeting, to choosing the perfect hotel and room request, to dining reservations, to fast pass booking and more, I can guide as much or as little as you want.
  3. I’ll watch out for discounts! If a better deal appears, I’ll get you that better deal!
  4. Advice you can trust! My recommendations are based on extensive personal experience. I have many Disney and Universal Trips under my belt and can make recommendations and provide guidance you can trust.
  5. Itinerary Planning! I can help you decide what days to visit which parks and a plan of attack for each day.
  6. A Friend! A vacation is about fun, family and friends! I want you to be able to relax and know you’ve got this! I want you to be able to enjoy your trip to it’s fullest without worrying about the planning.