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11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

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Whether for your own big day or because your creating one for a friend or family member, creating the perfect picture slide show can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Stick with me and I’ll share with you 11 tips to ensure you are able to create a beautiful and memorable slide show for the happy couple.

#1 Ask the Bride and Groom what kind of mood they want for the slide show?

Should it be sentimental and sappy? Silly and funny? Uber romantic? A little of all three?

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

#2 Gather pictures across all stages of life

You can get pictures directly from the Bride and Groom. Also ask for pictures from family members. The mothers and siblings will often have great ones to share. You can also use more candid shots and selfies that the couple has posted on social media while dating.

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

#3 Pair “like” pictures together


1st Birthday with Cake Mashing

Messy Eating

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

Halloween Costumes

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

Parents and Grandparents



11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow



11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

#4 Choose Music

Ask the couple what their favorite style of music is or if they have favorite songs. Do they like “oldies”, “country”, etc.

#5 Choose Appropriate Songs

My brother and his wife loved “oldies” and one of their favorite songs was My Girl.

I chose these songs:

My Girl by The Temptations

Help! by The Beatles

Today I Met by Darlene Love

Chapel of Love by The Dixie Cups

#6 Create a Script

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

You’ll want to create a script to go along with you slides.

This was mine:

Once upon a time

There was a boy and a girl

They were loved

And, they loved in return, even the annoying ones (siblings slide)

They were silly

They were messy

They had fun

They played hard

They grew up

They survived high school

Life happened…

Then one day, boy meets girl at Walmart (Joe & Paige met while working at Walmart)

And, one day, Joe asked Paige a very important question

And, they lived Happily Ever After

#7 Choose A Program

I used Prezi for my last one, but there are so many options. You can go super basic and work with PowerPoint. If you are a Mac or IOS user, you can work with iMovie too. You can also use softwares and/or services specifically for creating slideshows and movies like Movavi and Smilebox. I’m including links to these last two, but I’m not familiar with them and do not promote them. But, you may want to look into them. I like Prezi though and have used it for a few years now for all my presentations for when I do a training or present at a conference.

#8 Choose your slideshow “theme”

There are two great ones that I like on Prezi.

  1. Storybook Pages for a “Storybook Romance” Theme, this is the one I used for my brother’s slideshow                                                                                                                   11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow
  2. Cherry Blossoms for a “Love Bloomed” Theme

        11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

#9 Arrange Slides First

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

Group them, then have it focus in on each picture separately. I set mine to a four second delay, which means four seconds on each slide. Four seconds is just enough. You can set it to 10 or 20, but that is too long for this type of slideshow.

#10 Decide if you want a live narrator

If so, you can choose one appropriate song and manually scroll through. If not, like me, I set the Prezi to a 4 second delay and timed the sections out that I wanted each song to play for. Then I used a cutter program to piece each track together into one track. I used Audacity, which is a FREE open source program.

#11 Convert to video format

11 Tips to Create a Memorable Bride & Groom Slideshow

If you choose to use a program like Powerpoint or Prezi, then when you are ready to play the presentation you’ll have to manually go into the program and “present”. With Prezi you have to load it, then choose your delay in the bottom right hand corner quickly and then make sure that the presentation is set to full screen. You’ll want to select the delay quickly so that it is in sync with your track. I’ve included a video of the presentation I made for my brother and his wife’s rehearsal dinner below. I just recorded my screen using Apowersoft.

But, to look the best, you can use converter services to convert your presentation to a video for you. Try Omnirender or KeepVid.

This way you can also provide a copy of the video for the happy couple to watch as much as they want throughout their life together!

I got so much amazing feedback from the slideshow I created for my brother’s wedding. We also played it on loop without the music during the reception. Even their wedding event planner thought it looked good enough to get paid for it!

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What do you think of my Prezi created Wedding Couple Slideshow? Have you used other programs or services I haven’t mentioned? Do you have questions for your own slideshow? Share in the comments section below and happy creating!