Creating A Personalized Wizarding World Scrapbook

You don’t have to be artistic to create unique and personalized scrapbooks of your vacations. I’ll show you simple steps to create your very own scrapbook. This scrapbook is from our Universal Orlando/Wizarding World of Harry Potter vacation from February.


Step 1:

Take pictures! They can be of anything and everything you want. Make sure you get some of you and your family or friends so you have proof you were there!


Step 2:

Make sure to gather and save items from your vacation to put in your scrapbook. These are just a few of the items that I saved:

  1. Airline Tickets
  2. Pamphlets and guides
  3. Maps
  4. Park tickets
  5. Themed merchandise bags
  6. Room key cards
  7. And other packaging items


Step 3:

When you get home look through your pictures and pick out the ones you like best and want to get prints of. I also took some pictures of our souvenirs, like our wands to print out too. I have a Kodak Kiosk app on my phone and I just chose photos from my phone to send to a local store with a kiosk. Then, I just go to the store to pick them up.


Step 4:

Gather usable pieces from the items you saved. Don’t be afraid to cut some things up. I cut pictures and logos out of the pamphlets and maps.


Step 5:

Decide how large of a scrapbook you want to create. This will usually depend on how many pictures you have. I went with an 8×10 scrapbook of about 20 pages front and back. You can find scrapbooks at many stores, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Ollie’s and others I’m sure. I like to look in the clearance sections. Choose a color and pattern you like that you think will go with your “theme”.


Step 6:

Choose a theme! So, since most of my pictures were from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I went with an obvious Harry Potter theme for most of my scrapbook. I did a couple of specific pages that were to Universal Studios, the Simpsons and the Mardi Gras parade we saw, but the rest of the scrapbook was Potter themed.


So, I chose to do most of my pages in either general Hogwarts colors or house specific colors. I found paper in dark yellow and dark red (Gryffindor), brown and navy (Ravenclaw), yellow and black  (Hufflepuff), and silver and green (Slytherin).  I also got some pink pin stripe and polka dot paper for my Honeydukes page.


I then gathered themed stickers that I thought would work.  I got stickers of owls, beer steins, Halloween themed (like brooms and witches hats),  ice cream parlor items, keys, london themed and general travel themed. You can also get letter stickers if you don’t feel comfortable writing.


Step 7:

First I laid out my pages and decided what each page would be dedicated to.

1-3: Universal extras, The Simpsons, the Mardi Gras parade, etc.

4-5: Diagon Alley photos

6-7: Olivander’s and Knockturn Alley

8-9: Weasley’s, Knight Bus and Grimmauld Place

10-11: Kings Cross and Hogwarts Express

12-13: Hogsmead and Hogwarts

14-15: Hogshead/Three Broomsticks and Honey Dukes

16-17: Diagon Alley at Night

18-19: Generic pages for airline tickets and park tickets

20: I threw in my Florean Fortescue’s wrapper


Step 8:

Decide how each will be themed and decorate. My decorations are super simple, sometimes it’s just pictures with no borders and just a title written or using letter stickers. Others, will have simple color coordinated borders. I like the facing pages to mirror each other or coordinate. Using crinkle cut scissors on some I’ll cut out strips in the two colors, then I’ll tape/glue them on overlapping. I will also use the crinkle cut scissors to cut out corner triangles to place in each corner. You can also cut squares and circles of different sizes and place them in the corners layered.


Step 9:

I then add the pictures. If you have picture cutters, you can make circles and ovals out of the pictures. Some can be cut down, others you will want the whole picture. Lay them out first and decide what layout you like. Then, go back and tape or glue down.


Step 10:

Add stickers for embellishment. You want the stickers to be last because you want to make sure you have room for your pictures and items you saved from you trip. Some pages may have so many pictures that you can’t add much else. Others may have more open space and this is where you can add in your cut out pieces from the pamphlets and maps or pictures of your souvenirs.

Let me know what you think and what ideas you have for getting creative with personal scrapbooks.  Happy scrapbooking!



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