Epcot’s World Showcase: 7 Things NOT to Miss in the United Kingdom Pavillion

Check out 7 things you won't want to miss in the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase.

Another one of my absolute favorite spots in Epcot’s World Showcase is the United Kingdom Pavillion! This is the United Kingdom as you’ll find things from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland here.

I spent about three weeks in England traveling solo when I was single and fell in love with the country. I’ve always been a huge British literature as well as BBC drama fan, so of course I’d love the UK. I brought my husband back there when we were married and although I so much of the world still to see, I’d go back there in a heart beat. I even considered living there for a while, but my mood is seriously affected by the weather and I was worried all that rain would keep me down. But, all that rain does mean lots of green!

Now, you’ll find quite a bit of the UK in their pavilion. Here are 7 things you won’t want to miss out on while stopping over here.

#1 Characters!

You can meet both Alice and Mary Poppins at different times of day here. They are found in the small garden to your right as your heading towards the bridge. 

Meeting Alice was one of my absolute favorite Meet & Greets I’ve had at Disney World. They alternate daily, so be sure to check and see which day the character you want to see will be found here.

Check out Meet and Greet times for these characters either on the Magical Experience App or on the Disney World Website.

#2 Knock on some doors and get lost in a hedge maze

In the back Garden you’ll find an area fashioned after an idealistic London park with row houses, a garden, a hedge maze and gazebo.

The hedge maze is short though, so very little ones can explore and feel like they are finding their way through, but adults have a good eye on them the whole time. Let you toddler run and find their own way through the maze! 

#3 Go shopping

You’ll find everything British here, from Football (soccer for those of us in the states) jerseys, to souvenirs emblazoned with your favorite band, to swords, some Twinnings tea and my personal favorite, some Galaxy chocolate. I feel in love with this chocolate the summer I spent in England and in my personal opinion is the best milk chocolate in the world! You’ve got to grab a bar when you here, I promise you won’t regret it!

#4 Get some authentic grub or pint at the Rose and Crown Pub

Enjoy a pint of and some shepherd’s pie in the perfectly themed British Pub, the Rose & Crown. You’ll find all of your favorite British fare from Bangers and Mash to Fish and Chips. There is a Dining Room side for those who want to enjoy a meal and a Pub side for those who just want to pop in for a draft of beer and lighter fare. They have Flights and specialty blends to choose from.

#5 Make a call or post a letter

A fun must do is to get your picture taken making a call or coming out of one of the iconic red telephone booths!

Fun Fact: People used to be able to call into these phone booths and reach random people inside them, but sadly, they disconnected this random bit of fun. 

Or pretend to post a letter while your here!

#6 Enjoy the architecture and ambience

Take a picture with a Tinker Bell topiary during the Flower and Garden Festival…

or just enjoy strolling through a British street.

#7 Enjoy some covers of your favorite British bands

from Led Zeppelin and The Beatles to The Rolling Stones and The Who… by the cover band British Revolution.

You’ll find the concert several times daily starting in the afternoon in the garden at the back of the pavilion.

So, those are 7 things you won’t want to miss in the United Kingdom Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase! 

What is your favorite part of the United Kingdom? Share in the comments section below!

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