FREE Printables

Welcome to my FREE Printables! I am continually adding new items!

How it Works

  1. Click on desired image 
  2. It will open in a new “attachment” page 
  3. Right click on the image and click on “save image as…” 
  4. Save to desired location on your computer
  5. Open the file and print

For printing labels and planning pages:

  1. Paper Size: “letter” 
  2. Photo Size: “Full Page” 
  3. Fit: “Fill Page” 
  4. Hit “Print”

For Wall Art:

How to print from home if using regular 8.5×11 paper: 

  1. Open JPEG image in desired size 
  2. Paper Size: Choose “letter” 
  3. Photo Size: Choose desired size, “8×10” 
  4. Fit: Choose “Fill Page” 
  5. Hit “Print” 
  6. Cut to size 

If printing on sized photo paper, follow directions on package and check your printer manual. 

Other print options: Go to print shop or send off to print services like Shutterfly.

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