How NOT To Wear A Costume To Disney World

Find out all of my creative tips on how to get around the "no costume" rule at Disney by wearing themed outfits that aren't costumes to Disney World!

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Disney has quite a few rules, like how your not allowed to bring in selfie sticks (which I totally agree with!). Another of their rules is that adults (14 years and older) are not allowed to wear costumes. There are exceptions to this rule, for example you pay to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom park, where you’re allowed to dress up like your favorite Disney character (see link for specific Disney rules at bottom of post).

But, when visiting all other parks and all other times you are not allowed to wear a costume. But, don’t give up hope! I’ve found that with a little creativity there are ways around this rule. There are so many options for you to share your love of Disney without technically wearing a costume.

Here are a few options:

#1 Wear themed shirts!

There are so many great options for themed t-shirts and everyone does this! I mean everyone! You’ll see so many families wearing matching shirts. I’ve also heard it helps with keeping track of family members. I just met a woman the other day who said that she will have her family wear a different matching t-shirt each day they are at Disney and if she’s loses track of a child, she can remind herself, “we’re wearing blue today” and scan the crowd for the missing person.

You can get super creative with the matching t-shirts. For my “Girl’s Disney Trip” , we wore shirts that say “Occupation: Princess”. We got them through a fundraiser for Alzheimers.

There are so many great themed t-shirt options on Etsy. One of my favorite Etsy shops right now is
Once Upon A Teeshirt. They have the cutest, most unique tshirts! Check out some of my favorites below!

Link to:  I Only Date Beasts Tshirt

Link to:Tangled Hair I Don’t Care Tshirt

Link to:It’s A Mermaid Thing Tshirt

Link to:Matching Family Disney Trip Tshirts

But, you can also find just regular Disney themed t-shirts almost everywhere, from Walmart to Amazon. Here are a few cute options I’ve found on Amazon.

#2 Coordinating your clothes to match a certain character.

You can easily piece together clothing pieces to coordinate the look of a certain Disney character.

For example:

Ariel: Green shorts/pants, purple shirt, red bow or green/red minnie ears and sea life accessories

Rapunzel: Light Pink/Violet shorts, purple shirt, pink minnie ears

Belle: Yellow/Gold skirt or shorts, shirt with roses, yellow/gold minnie ears

#3 Accessorize!

I love wearing a simple tiara to Disney! It makes me feel like I’m a real princess in disguise! You can find super cute tiaras and flower crowns at Claire’s.

Link to:Claire’s Tiara

Link to:Claire’s Flower Crown

It’s so much fun choosing Minnie Ears in the park! I chose a pair of Sleeping Beauty themed ones as she is my favorite Disney Princess.

But, if you want to save money, you can find so many unique Minnie and Mickey Ears at Etsy that cost much less than the ones bought at Disney World. Check these out:

Link to:Belle Minnie Ears

Link to:Ariel Minnie Ears

Link to:Rapunzel Minnie Ears

Check out my post on how to accessorize and coordinate like your favorite Disney Princess!

#4 More elaborately themed dresses

This is one of my favorites! I have a collection of dresses that fall into this category right now. I have a dress that is very “Dorothy” from Wizard of Oz themed that I could easily pair with red shoes and put my hair in pig braids. I also have a super cute “Tinkerbell” themed dress that I got from Torrid.

There are quite a few stores that have cute themed outfits. I love Torrid and if you are a size 10 or bigger and haven’t discovered this store yet, then you’re missing out!

They have so many Disney tshirts and themed dresses that almost feel like a real costume, but aren’t. Just make sure you’re only wearing a themed dress and not a real costume as both of these stores carry both.

You can also find some themed dresses and shirts at Hot Topic. Here are a few examples:


Disney actually has their very own Dress Shop at Disney Springs with adorably themed dresses with a 1950’s style. Be warned though, their dresses are really pricey!



  1. Don’t carry props or wear large accessories or they will be a neon sign that you’re wearing a costume. Examples: Fake sword or fairy wings.
  2. Don’t wear a real costume with tulle, petticoat, etc. that could pass for a kids costume.                     Example: I found this Belle costume at Torrid and it is identical to the kid costume version.
  3. Don’t wear the “sexy” versions of any character. Remember, there are kids present and they WILL NOT let you into Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dressed too risque!                
  4. Keep it comfortable, especially if you are going to be touring the park in those clothes all day. You may not want to be wearing scratchy tulle all day in the park!
  5. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes even when attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.
  6. Just make sure you follow the rules: Official Disney World Rules for Wearing Costumes

So, those are my tips on how to get creative with your “themed” outfits when visiting Disney World. Do you have any suggestions for themed outfits appropriate for visiting Disney? Share in the comments section below!

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I LOVE that Tinkerbell dress! Great ideas to get into the spirit when planning our next trip and things to wear.