My Disney Christmas Haul

So, this past Christmas I got quite a few Disney related items from my husband, my mom and myself! Just for fun, I thought I’d share my haul with you!

I’ve been wanting a Pandora bracelet for a while, but even though the starter is still less than $200, it was still way more than our normal Christmas budget for each other’s gifts. We usually stick to around $50. So, this year Kevin twisted my arm and said the bracelet would be my 10th anniversary (November 18th), Christmas and birthday gift (my birthday is in January) all rolled into one! The plan was to buy it in Disney World while we were there. But, I love having a gift to open that I’m not expecting, so Kevin bought me something cheap. We did gifts the weekend before Christmas and this is what he bought me!

#1 A “Once Upon A Dream” Necklace

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite all time Disney Princess and this was just perfect! He found it on Etsy HERE. I loved it and wore it as much as possible on our Disney trip, it matched perfectly with my Sleeping Beauty Minnie ears!

#2 My Pandora Bracelet!

We decided to get my bracelet while at Disney for multiple reasons. Firstly, because I wanted to get the Disney Parks clasp. It says Disney Parks and has the castle on the clasp. I also knew exactly what I wanted my first charm to be. Sticking with my Sleeping Beauty theme, I really wanted the Flora, Fauna and Merryweather charm.

The actual real reason to purchase in Disney World was because I got a discount, 20%!! I get a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) and an Annual Pass discount. I wasn’t positive I would get a discount. The fine print says it doesn’t count towards Pandora, of course right! But, I thought there might be a special deal in the parks and there was! That made what should have been a $155 purchase, now a $124 purchase! ┬áThat’s huge! I really should have used my discount to get my clips there too, but I didn’t want an all Disney bracelet and the Disney themed clips were mainly what they had. So, I waited on my clips till I got home and used Christmas gift money to buy them at a jewelry store.

#3 My Disney Princess Mug

Kevin and I both decided to buy mugs this trip as our only souvenir. This was my idea, I thought that by drinking my coffee out of this Disney themed mug, that it would remind me on difficult mornings what I have to look forward too. Since we are now DVC members, we will be at Disney at least twice a year and our next scheduled trip is for the end of May.

This mug is a Disney princess themed one that has the different princess castles or kingdoms around the mug and the words “Once Upon A Time” and “Happily Ever After” written inside.

#4 And last, but not least, my Rapunzel doll!

This was a gift from my mom on Christmas. I’ve been collecting Barbies for years now and recently started collecting the Disney princess brand dolls. I didn’t used to be a fan of the dolls, but have liked the recent look of them. I now have Aurora, Ariel, Alice (I know she’s not a princess), the live action Cinderella and now Rapunzel!

So, that’s my Disney Christmas Haul! Did you get any fun Disney themed presents for Christmas? Share them in the comments section below and Happy New Year!

*Although this post contains affiliate links, I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed are my own.*


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