Organize It! The Spice Cabinet

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First things first…the dreaded spice cabinet. As a compare and contrast, this is what my cabinet looked like before. A while ago I bought these spice rack shelves. Instead of stacking them, I set them side by side. But, as you can see, it didn’t help much as you can barely see the shelves.

I started learning to cook a few years ago. At the start of my marriage, I couldn’t cook at all! My husband, through much love and commitment, suffered through many horrible meals. Now that I’ve learned to cook, thanks mostly to Pinterest and Youtube, I have many, many spices that have gotten out of control!

While at the Dollartree a few days ago I was inspired when I saw these small containers.

Follow this link to access my FREE Printable Labels!

I decided to go with teal colored bordered labels as this is the color of my kitchen accessories. I made labels of all of the spices I currently have in my cabinet. I’ve provided blank copies of the labels as well so that you can make them as unique and specific as you want!

I printed my labels, cut them out with scissors and used contact paper to attach them.


  1. Cut enough contact paper to have a border around the label so that it sticks on.
  2. After peeling the back off of the contact paper, lay the label face down onto the sticky side.
  3. Line up the label so that it is straight and even.
  4. I learned after a couple, that it helped to cut the top left and right corners down.
  5. Make sure you place the labels on the containers before filling them. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t trust myself to remember what spices were which.

Once they are labeled and beautiful, gather all of your spices and fill the containers. I did this over the sink to minimize mess. Most of what was in my store bought spice containers fit into these containers, but any that were left over I put on an empty top shelf in my cabinets until needed for a refill.


Tip: This is also a good time to check your expiration dates. I realized most spices last a long time, but I’ve also had some of these longer than I realized. So, if they are expired, throw them out.

This is how beautiful by spice cabinet is now! I moved over the can goods to a different cabinet. I’ll be able to find things so easily now!

I also used labels to organize my baking supplies a little better. I’ve had these Tupperware containers since I got married, but wasn’t utilizing them fully. I bought two extra containers at the Dollartree for my Baking Soda and Powder.

What do you think of my spice organization? Do you have any savvy ideas to share? Comment below!




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