Something INCREDIBLE at Hollywood Studios

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Here’s Valerie’s first post on Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios!


One of the perks of living close to “the Mouse” is getting to see the new innovations at the parks as soon as they are revealed then sharing the inside scoop with you!

Recently Hollywood Studios revealed Pixar Place just outside of the new Toy Story Land entrance. At first glance, it looks like a quaint alleyway which might make you ask yourself, “ Hmm, I wonder what’s down there”.
After you’ve given into curiosity,  you are immediately immersed in…Municiburg.

#1 The Super Shindig!

Live action performers get you in on the super hero action- featuring casual meet and greets  with  Mr. Incredible,  Mrs. Incredible and Frozone.  The fun includes a dance party, limbo and freeze dance.

#2 No Capes!

Edna Meet and Greet.  It’s in the AC…a great place to cool down, plus the queue is a fun display of all the super suits she’s designed.

#3 Photo Opps!  

Both Disney photopass and self photo areas are available reminding you that You are indeed “Incredible”.

#4 Special Themed Snacks! 

My favorite is the Secret Identity: frozen coke, whipped cream, and pop rocks candy hidden under the cotton candy topping…  “POW”

#5 Details to explore.

Dash footprints, Jack Jack sightings, every billboard and window display are impeccably themed.

Once again Disney details do not disappoint. So when you need a little break from the crowds swarming in the new Toy Story Land, I recommend swinging around the corner before ‘combustion is imminent” and recharge your ‘super suit’ at Pixar Place… for the ‘greater good’ …the whole family will thank me.

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