The Organized Home Office Makeover For Under $300

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When it comes to organization and work efficiency, I’ll take all the help I can get. I am not a naturally organized person. I will be completely candid with you and say that I am a complete mess most of the time. Not in an unclean kind of way, but just really cluttered. I get that from my dad!

So, with work and life I have to find ways to help myself stay organized. And, being the Savvy Journey gal I am, I also don’t want organization to cost much either. When we moved into our Smyrna apartment in June 2015, we had this beautiful sun room space that I claimed as my office/craft room. I hadn’t started Savvy Journey yet and was mainly using it for crafty endeavors such as my painting and sewing projects. This is what the sun room space looked like when we first moved in.

Not bad, but the desk, which is from Walmart is quite narrow and once I put away my sewing machine and began using it as more of a writing space it wasn’t conducive to proper posture when working on the computer for longer periods of time. Once I started to blog I knew I would need space and tools to organize my “business”.

This is when I decided to give my office a make over. This entire make over cost less than $300, excluding my new computer, which I love by the way. I like pretty things, I’m a girly girl that way, and I like that the computer is white and blends in with my decor. I also love that it’s an all in one, so that it takes up less space, but the screen is nice and large. It’s an HP All In One and we waited till we saw a decent sale before purchasing it.

Desk and Chair from Ikea

The Desk is the FALKHÖJDEN for $109 and the chair is the FLINTAN for $69.99. The chair is great for back support and is also comfortable.

Decorative Chair

This is more of a splurge item, but I found this lovely vintage chair at an antique store for $75! You can see I’m going with a blue and white theme.

Editorial Board

This is one of the organizational tools I came up with. I purchased the cork wall tiles at Office Depot for $12, but I’m sure you can find them cheaper else where. There are four 12×12 inch tiles in the pack and I placed them on the wall with command strips in a large square.

I added the butterfly stickers myself, which I found at Hobby Lobby for about $3. I found this free printable blogging planner through Pinterest. I can’t find this exact one anymore, but check out Fab n’ Free’s list of 20 FREE Blog Planners.

Organizational Tools

These are an amazing find! I always say you never know what you’ll find at the Dollar Tree and I found these file holder storage containers and matching folders!

I labeled the file holders and use them to organize.

Blog Planner

I also recently purchased a Blog Planner on Etsy. There are so, so many printable planners to choose from. The one I finally decided on was this one from SquirrelPlanner for only $4.50!

I put it in a super cute binder that I found in the dollar section at Target for $3! I also bought the dividers in the dollar section at Target for only $1! The dollar section at Target is another one of those spots that is always worth a look, you really never know what awesome things you’ll find!

Additional Organizational Tools

I later purchased these storage containers at Ikea to help organize my craft items on the other side of the room. The TJENA boxes come in several sizes and cost between $3.99 to $4.99. The FJALLA boxes cost $10.99. I bought the blue and teal decorative bins at Target. I bought these on clearance.

I love, love working in the sun room. I’m a bit claustrophobic, so being next to the windows with all the light, inspires me when I’m working.

That’s how I made over my office for less than $300! Are you thinking of making over an area in your house on a budget? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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