Three Homemade Ornaments Using Items Found At The Dollar Tree

Check out three unique home made ornament ideas: A snow filled ornament, a painted ornament and a glitter filled ornament! Use as gifts, a kids craft or for your own personalized tree!

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I love giving gifts that are home made! It shows you put thought and time into creating something special for someone. I’d like to share three home made ornament ideas that you can create very inexpensively using items found from the Dollar Tree!

These can be made as gifts, to personalize your own Christmas tree or as a craft with kids.

There are two size ornaments you can buy at the Dollar Tree. I love these because they are plastic. No fear of breakage if they are dropped, fall off the tree or handled by children!

One Large Size for a $1


Two Smaller Size for a $1


#1 Snow Ornament

This one was made using Faux Snow

You can also add more to the ornament by drawing or crafting a Snow Man on the ornament!

#2 Painted Ornament!

You can paint the outside of an ornament using Glitter Paint!

#3 Glitter Ornament!! 

This one is my favorite and the glitter is on the inside of the ornament, so less mess!


I found these bags of glitter at my Dollar Tree, but you can buy these Canisters of Glitter on the Dollar Tree’s website.

The blue one was made using two colors of blue glitter from the Dollar Tree. 

To coat the inside of the ornament before adding the glitter, you can use furniture polish or stain. I used Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Polish and it worked great!

Check out my video tutorial below and happy crafting!

Do you have creative home made ornament ideas? Share in the comments section below!

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