What I Pack For A Week At Disney World

Find out what I pack for a week's trip to Disney World, from coordinated daily outfits to shoes, makeup and pajamas!

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So, in previous posts I’ve shared What Not to Wear to Disney in the Warmer and Cooler Weather. My next trip is only a week away and I wanted to share with you what I have planned to pack for this 4 day, 5 night Disney Vacation.

Arrival and Departure Day Outfits

For this trip, we are driving and so for arrival and departure days, I am packing comfortable clothes for the road. I don’t care quite as much about being cute, but when your heading to Disney you want to embrace it. I’ll wear either shorts, jeans or yoga pants and t-shirt for traveling. I got this super cute Mickey and Minnie t-shirt at Torrid.

If flying, which is how my husband and I usually get to Disney, I’ll wear a light. zipper free dress. Why a dress and why zipper free you may ask? Well, as a chubby girl, I more than once have gotten patted down while getting through security. It is incredibly uncomfortable and makes you feel violated to the point where I’ve cried before. So, after all my many travels and experiences with security I’ve found out a few tricks to minimize the need for getting patted down. They always want to pat on the inside of my thighs when I’m wearing jeans, always! So, stay clear of jeans when flying. In dresses they don’t go near my legs, but I found they often will pat down the zipper part of a dress. When I wear a stretchy fabric dress with no zippers, I usually get through security safe from getting patted down!

Park Outfits

As I’ve shared before, my go to outfit for Disney during the warmer part of the year is dresses. I like to balance cute/princess like outfits with comfort. I love dresses during the warmer months because they are cool and quite comfortable.

For the four full days at the park, I plan out four specific outfits. But, will pack at least one extra dress just in case. Here are the outfits I’ve planned for each park day:

Magic Kingdom: All the girls got this Occupation:Princess t-shirt during a Alzhiemers Research Fundraiser and we are going to wear these on our day to the Magic Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios: I love this dress because it is very Old Hollywood, which is perfect for HS!

Epcot: I definitely feel like a princess in this dress and it’s so comfortable too!

Animal Kingdom: I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to wear this dress, or a new dress that is currently being altered. The new one has butterflies on it, which may be more fitting for Animal Kingdom. We’ll see…


I’ll pack at least 6 pairs of Skimmies just in case. I mentioned these in my What Not To Wear post. I love them because they are light and comfortable, they prevent my thighs from chaffing and they add a bit of modesty to my outfit just in case.

Okay, I’m getting real here for a second. I pack twice as many pairs of underwear as days needed. I know that may sound a bit excessive, but I hate putting dirty underwear back on. So, if I’ve been at the park all day, go for a swim, shower and then want to go back out, I’ll need an extra pair that day. And, I’m sorry, but I have to put a fresh pair on in the morning. So, for 5 days, I’ll pack 10 pairs.

I don’t have enough bras to follow the same rule as with panties, but I’ll usually pack 2-3.


I keep my jewelry super simple and pack just my Disney Pandora Bracelet, two pairs of earrings and my “Once Upon A Dream” necklace that my husband gave me for Christmas last year. He found it on Etsy.

Click for the Once Upon A Dream Necklace


For me, I prefer Crocs Flip Flops. I also shared about this in the What Not To Wear post, but there are many options for shoes. I will pack two pairs. I like Crocs because I don’t like wearing socks when it’s hot, Crocs are like walking on a cloud and they dry quick when wet. My feet are typically very happy at the end of the day!

Lounge Wear

I will usually pack two pairs of pajamas and will make sure to have at least one pair of lounge shorts that can also be seen outside of the room. You may want to run down for ice or run to the lobby of the hotel for something and won’t want to throw on jeans. So, try to have something that is decent enough to be seen in public. I also, whether warm or cool, will take at least one long sleeve shirt. I am cold-natured and can at times get chilled at night. So, I’ll take a long sleeve shirt just in case.

Swim Wear

I will pack at least two swim suits. One of the worst things is having to put on a swim suit while it’s still wet! So, I like to have two, so I can wear one while the other is drying. Make sure to take a pair of pool shoes and a cover up. Tip: Don’t forget your Magic Band when heading to the pool if you are at a Disney Resort! They may check to make sure you are allowed to be there.  And, during holiday weekends, they will actually scan your band before letting you into the pool, to ensure you are a guest at that specific hotel.

My bathing suits are from Torrid. The cover up and flip flops are from Old Navy.


I’ll pack make up basics, like foundation and a powder. I wear Bare Minerals. The foundation is light enough to wear heading to the parks on a hot day. I’ll use the foundation just for under my eyes and if I have a blemish, then I’ll cover with mineral veil. They both has SPF in it. Depending on the the heat that day, I may also add some shimmer to my eyes and I always wear mascara as my lashes are short and blonde and non-existent without mascara!

I got this super cute make-up and jewelry case at Charming Charlies (As seen on the left)! It has little spots to store earring studs easily.


I also have one of the Fold Up Family Organizers from Thirty-One Gifts (As seen on the right) for packing my toiletries and hair accessories.

So, that’s what I pack for a week at Disney World. What are your essentials when packing for a trip to Disney? Share in the comments section below!

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