What NOT To Wear To Disney World: Winter Edition

Find out all of my tips and tricks for a trip to Disney World during the colder months!

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The Winter is my favorite time of year to visit Disney! We’ve visited at Christmas time as well as February as I have President’s Day week off. My best memories of Disney so far are being at the Boardwalk Resort at Christmas time and walking over to Epcot to stroll through the World Showcase in the evenings! Grab yourself a coffee and a pastry from the Boulangerie Patisserie and enjoy the world of Epcot!

You can’t assume that since it’s Florida that it is always warm and sunny. It can get quite cold in the mornings and at night quite easily during the Winter months. 

As I’ve stated in my previous What Not To Wear post, there are really just two seasons in Florida, Summer and Winter, or hot and comfortable.  The “Winter” season will last around late November to early March, but will vary from year to year. Mid November the highs will be around the high 70’s and the lows will dip down to the low 60’s. By mid December you’ll see high 60’s to low 50’s and by the end of February to early March it’ll be back to 70’s and low 80’s as the high. The lows in early March can still be in the 50’s though. Saying all of this, I’ve still seen mid 80 degree weather in December, so I always say check the forecast before you leave. Prediction calendars are great, but you never can tell what the weather will do.

There aren’t nearly as many tips for Winter as there are for Summer, but here is the best advice I can give when packing for a Winter Trip to Disney World or Orlando!

DON’T Forget to Check the Weather Report Before Leaving!!

I mentioned this above, but I cannot stress this enough! The weather is quite unpredictable during the Winter months especially, so double check before you leave!

DON’T Forget to Layer

Layers are your friend during the Winter months. I usually wear jeans and depending on the expected weather that day, either a light long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt or a tank top. I made the mistake one year of not expecting it to be too warm and only had long sleeve shirts. I ended up buying some tank tops in Orlando that year. So make sure you have an assortment just in case. My husband and I pack a light jacket or hoodie to wear at the beginning and end of the day when it is colder. If the weather looks like it will be especially cold, you can also pack a hat and/or gloves. 

This will mean that you will be packing heavier in the colder months. Be prepared to need a larger suitcase than you do during the Summer!

DON’T Think You Won’t Chaff During the Winter!!

I stressed using anti-chaffing measures in my Summer post, but you will also want to take advantage of this during the Winter months as well. Your legs will rub together even in jeans while walking. You can use powder or during the Winter I prefer the roll on stick as it is less messy when putting pants on after applying it.

DON’T Forget to Pack TWO Pairs of Tennis Shoes!!

The type of shoes you wear in the Winter months will all depend on how cold it gets when you are there. I shared a few different options for shoes in my Summer What Not to Wear post. During the Winter, if it is cold, you will most likely want to wear socks and tennis shoes. But, due to sudden rain storms that will drench you and your shoes, I recommend packing two pairs of shoes. This way if one pair gets wet, you’ll have second pair to wear while the wet ones are drying. My favorite Go-To tennis shoe is Sketchers. I like the slip on kind and I have two pairs.

Tip: Here’s a shout out to one of my readers, Sheri, who recommended taking newspaper with you to put in your tennis shoes to help soak up the water!


DON’T Bring Too Small of a Bag!!

During the Summer months we go into the parks light. My husband carries a small cinch sack, with a few essentials in it. Usually we’ll just carry two ponchos each, our cell phones, a back up credit card and a small zipper pouch with pain meds, bandaids, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. All of this fits easily and lightly in a cinch sack. But, during the Winter you will want to take off your extra layer of a jacket when it warms up in the middle of the day. Most likely, two light jackets/hoodies will not fit inside a cinch sack. We will carry a slightly larger backpack for this purpose. Trust me, you won’t want to have to carry your jackets around in your arms all day. Disney does have lockers available for a fee, if you don’t want to carry a larger backpack around with you.

Check out these Disney themed Jansport backpacks!

DON’T Forget to Bring a Larger Poncho

This past Christmas we were so excited to see the Candlelight Processional for the first time. We did the Dinner Package, thinking we’d have special reserved seating, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. There was still a very long line to stand in and when we finally got to the amphitheater, the only available seating was not covered. A serious storm came during the show and we got soaked to the bone! It was also cold that night. We had Dollartree ponchos, but they didn’t cover it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dollartree, but their ponchos have short little sleeve/arm wholes that barely covered our shoulders and my entire arm was exposed. They also only went down to our thighs when sitting. I recommend getting larger ponchos that will cover your whole body. I caught a cold that night and had to stay in the next day. You don’t want this to happen to you! I’ve found good ones in the camping section at Walmart and on Amazon.

DON’T Forget to Make a Plan in Case of Rain!!

Speaking of the rain, you will want a plan in case it rains. During the Summer and during a light rain, you can throw on your poncho and just keep trucking on.  But when it’s cold and harder rain, you will want a plan of where to duck into to wait it out.

DON’T Forget to Pack the Swimsuit!

We made the mistake last Christmas of forgetting our bathing suits. The weather last December reached the high 80’s a couple of days and we wanted to enjoy the pool. We ended taking an Uber to Walmart to buy some swimsuits. Even if the weather is cooler, the pools at Disney resorts are heated. Just make sure you either wear clothes down to the pool or wear a bath robe. When it’s cold and you get out of the pool, you may freeze while running back to your room.

So, those are my tips for visiting Disney World during the Winter! Have you visited Disney during colder months? What are your tips? Share in the comments section below!

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Susan Giuggio

thanks for the great tips

It also depends on where you’re visiting Disney from. When we lived in south Texas and went to Disney in December, we froze! Now we live in the northern U.S. What’s cold to many is a nice day for us. I’ll usually wear flip flops until there’s snow on the ground. And don’t add the hassle of lugging a larger-than-needed bag around the park! Hoodies and sweaters don’t need to be packed away and carried. Just tie them around your waist with the sleeves and you’re good to go. No need to carry first aid items in a bag because… Read more »