What’s Inside My Disney World Parks Bag?

Find out all of the recommended essential items that are musts when going into the Disney Parks, plus extras you may not consider!

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My next Disney Trip is coming up in under two weeks. We were getting a little nervous with Hurricane Irma heading straight through the peninsula of Florida! I was balancing fear and ardent prayers for those in Irma’s path and a selfish wish that Disney would be okay and that our trip would go on as planned. I didn’t realize this until recently, but most of the buildings and all the hotels on the Disney World property are built to withstand at least a category 3 hurricane and that many people actually evacuate other areas to Disney World for safety. I’ve been truly blown away with all I’ve seen unfold on twitter of the Disney World staff, including characters taking care of guests at the Disney hotels with games and entertainment.

I am actually writing this post while waiting out the storm in the Atlanta area. It is supposed to get really bad this afternoon with wind gusts reaching 50 mph here. We are well prepared though and for now still have electricity.

In preparation for my next trip, I wanted to share with my readers what I carry in my Disney Park bag on a regular basis. These are the essentials. I am not a mom, so these items do not reflect items generally needed for kids.

The Bag:

During the warmer months at Disney (mid-March through October) I’ll typically carry a cinch sack to keep things as light as possible.

You can buy really cute Disney themed and/or personalized cinch sacks pretty inexpensively on Etsy! Check out these super cute Minnie and Mickey ones that double as an autograph book!

Minnie and Mickey Disney Autograph Cinch Sack

During the colder months (November through mid-March) I’ll carry a smaller back pack, like my single pocket Jansport backpack so that I can fit in our light jackets.

Here is what you’ll typically find in my Disney Park Bag.

#1 Hygiene and Medicine

This will include many things and may differ depending on the person:

Hand sanitizer


Band Aids

Blister Care: Even with the best intentions and proper shoes, blisters can sometimes happen.


Tissues (You can get packs in Disney themes at the Dollar Tree!)

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss

Hair Ties

Headache Medicine

Stomach Medicine (I like the Pepto Bismol tablets for on the go)

My favorite kind is the insta cool tablets which are great for sudden heartburn!

I like to keep all my medicine together in a small container. My husband gets migraines and I sometimes have sciatic nerve flare ups, so we’ll carry migraine medicine, ibuprofen, Aleve and the Pepto tablets.

I bought a pack of these containers at the Dollar Tree, but you can find many containers specifically for pills on Amazon.

Baby wipes: I just feel safer having a way to clean off a surface if needed. You can get the travel size, but I’ll usually take a few out and put in a sandwich bag to reduce the bulk in my bag. I’ll refill nightly as needed.

I’ll put things that may spill in a ziplock bag.

I’ll put things I need handy, like lip balm, band aids, meds etc. in a zipper cosmetic pouch.

#2 Cards

One of the things that I love about Disney World is their Magic Bands! I love that all purchases can be made with them. So, there is no need really to carry money around with you. But, if you are an Annual Pass holder or Disney Vacation Club member like myself, you’ll want to carry those cards around with you to receive your discount. You can technically pull up your DVC member card on your phone, but one time at a restaurant the waitress wanted to take our phone back to show her manager our member card to receive the discount. I was so nervous having her leave with my phone! So, now I always take a physical card with me. You will also always want to keep your ID and insurance cards on you at all times. Also, if you want to drink alcohol, you will need your ID. I also take a back up credit card, even though I’ve never needed it.

#3 Cell Phone

Also, take extra sandwich bags to put your phone in when riding water rides.

#4 Rain Ponchos

I like to take 2 just in case. And, you can use ponchos to sit on for parades too!

As mentioned in my What Not To Wear post, you’ll want to have ponchos that cover your whole body.

Additional items you may want:

#5 Digital Camera

I don’t always want to take my DSLR camera into the parks. But, I may want to take pictures of better quality than what I can get on my phone of restaurants and shops that I will want to share on my blog.

#6 Backup Battery For Your Phone

If you plan on taking lots of pictures with your phone or posting to social media all day, you’ll need a back up charger for your phone when your battery drains.

I found mine for $5 at Five Below, but if you’d like a long lasting one with excellent reviews, check out this Portable Power Bank on Amazon!

#7 Personal Fan/Spray Fan

If you are going in the hotter months, one of these will be your best friend! I found these personal mini fans at the Dollar Tree.

Check out these cooling fans that hang around your neck while running.

Or, if you like the misting fans, you can also check out these spray misting fans on Amazon. They are much cheaper than buying in the parks.

# 8 Batteries

If taking spray fans with you during the hotter months, you may want to bring extra batteries as you’ll be using them a lot!

So, those are the essentials that I carry in my Disney Park Bag! What recommendations do you have for what to carry into the park with you? Share in the comments section below!

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