Why You Should Check Out Behind the Seas at the Georgia Aquarium

Check out all that the Behind the Seas Tour has to offer from an above view of the giant aquarium containing whale sharks to a family of penguins!

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I have always loved the Georgia Aquarium which at the time it was built a little over a decade ago, was the largest in the world! My husband and I went to the Georgia Aquarium back when we were dating right after it opened on New Years Day 2006. I’ve gone several times over the last decade. I love to take advantage of the free educator days at the Aquarium and the Zoo.

Our good friends won a Behind the Seas Georgia Aquarium Tour and invited my husband and I along. The Georgia Aquarium is a must see for any Atlanta visitor and was made all the better with a behind the scenes tour.

The tour costs $15 for Non-Georgia Aquarium Members and is 45 minutes long.

When arriving you meet at a “back door” within the parking garage. There are signs pointing the way.

Your first stop on the tour is in the Oceans Ballroom where events are held (yes, you can get married here!) The Ballroom has views of the large tank as well as the beluga whale tank. One of my favorite parts of a visit to the Georgia Aquarium is the beluga whales and from within the ballroom you can get the closest view of these beautiful creatures. They will come right up to the glass and look you in the eye! I didn’t get as good a shot as I wanted.

They then will take you through the educational area of the aquarium past classrooms and there are fun facts for the kids along the wall of the hallway too!

The next stop is where you will take in the grandness of the large tank that houses everything from giant stingrays to the whale sharks!

You can also scuba dive in this tank!

The next stop on the Behind the Seas tour is the wave maker at the artificial reef portion of the aquarium. You get to see all of the equipment as well as watch the waves created!

They will also show you how some of the plant life and creatures for the reef are grown before placing them in the reef.

They will take you through the giant filters…

as well as see the door that the whale sharks were brought in through!

They will show you the medical facilities…

and families of penguins while raising their young.

After the Behind the Seas tour is finished, you will have access to all the Georgia Aquarium has to offer!

Albino Aligators

Penguin Tunnels


Sea Horses

Star Fish

Playful Otters (Always one of my favorites!)

And, of course my absolute favorite, the beluga whales!


Giant Spider Crabs

The Famous Tunnel that take you through the Giant Aquarium


And, also one of my favorite spots to sit and soak it in. They have a stadium seating like theater area where you can sit and enjoy the awe inspiring giant tank!



And, don’t forget the Reef!

You can find the Georgia Aquarium in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia at the Centennial Olympic Park across from the Coca Cola Museum.

Have you had a chance to do any of the behind the scenes activities at the Georgia Aquarium? Do you have a favorite part of the Georgia Aquarium? Share in the comments section below!

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