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For a long time, Kevin and I would just walk right past the Mexico Pavilion without taking it all in. I even remember that the first time we were at Epcot as a couple that we walked into the Pyramid and only looked around the front section without diving in further. Please don’t pass this pavilion by without diving in a little further! Here’s 7 things you will NOT want to miss here!

*We do not have as many pictures of this pavilion as the inside is very dark and no flash photography is allowed.*

#1 The Architecture of the Pyramid

It is quite majestic and there is much more to it than seen at first glance. Walk around to the sides and truly take it all in!

#2 The Artwork

There are quite a few details on the pyramid itself and there are artifacts found in glass cases in the front section of the inside.

#3 Shopping

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the shops. But, there are so many. Now, remember how I told you that I never realized there was more to Mexico. I always thought the back section was just a restaurant. But, no, when you first walk through into the back, it will take your breath away! It will feel like you’ve entered into another world. You’ve entered onto a grand staircase that extends down to both the left and right. You are now in an open air market. You’ll find everything here from decorations for the Day of the Dead to Sombreros. And, speaking of Sombreros…

#4 The Three Caballeros Ride: Gran Fiesta Tour!

This ride never has a long wait and is a nice respite on a hot day. It’s super cute with Donald Duck and his two comrades singing your way through this boat ride attraction!

*Special thanks for the video to The Undercover Tourist YouTube channel! (I also love and recommend these guys for discounted tickets and for using their Crowd Prediction Calendars!)*

#5 Character Meet & Greets

You can also meet Donald Duck outside the pyramid in a garden area. When exiting the pyramid, it will be to your left. There is also a back way by exiting out the right hand door and following the ramp down.

#6 Restaurants

You will find two authentically Mexican restaurants in this pavilion. The first, the La Hacienda de San Angel is by the water and is a good spot to eat while enjoying the Illuminations Fireworks at night. 

Special thanks for the image from Marcia Bickerstaff. You can find it her at: 


The second, the San Angel Inn Restaurant is found inside the pyramid itself at the back of the open “air” market. At the San Angel Inn you will be seated next to a second smaller (although you won’t realize it) pyramid and a river that the Three Sombreros Ride passes through.

*Special thanks for the video too the Mickey Views YouTube channel!*

#7 Coco

You will now find quite a bit in the Mexico Pavilion which is Coco inspired. I wonder if this will bother some Disney Purists who prefer the way things originally were, but I absolutely loved the new Coco movie and didn’t mind these changes at all!

So, those are my 7 things not to miss at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot! What are your favorite parts of the Mexico Pavilion? What is your favorite pavilion at the World Showcase? Share in the comments section!

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