As a seasoned Disney World park go-er I have quite a few of my own personal Disney Don’ts! But, to broaden my scope of don’ts I reached out to my fellow Disney Vacation Club Owners who are basically the experts when it comes to park-going and asked them what their Disney Don’ts are. I came up with a general list of  7 with some more specific Don’ts falling under each.

So, when planning your Disney trip or heading to the parks for the first time, you may want to keep some of these in mind…

#1 Don’t Forget to Be Considerate

This was the number one Don’t that popped up in many forms!

  • Don’t be rude: To family, strangers or cast members.

  • Don’t vent, complain or rant: It just ruins it for everyone else!

  • Don’t ruin the pixie dust: Pixie dust is what they call the extra magic that you get while at Disney.

  • Don’t get impatient with parents: Remember Disney is primarily for kids and families and parking it all day can poop the kids out. The parents are trying their best, so show some patience when around whiny kids.

  • Don’t block doors at shops during parades: When lining up for the parades, stay out of the way of doors. Not everyone will be watching the parades and may be trying to get in and out of a shop.

  • Try to not complain: I know it can be hard sometimes, but please try.

  • Don’t block the view of children: Again, Disney is for kids. Don’t show up for fireworks and choose a spot right in front of a child and thus blocking their view.

  • Don’t be grumpy: Again, I know it can be hard, especially at the end of a long day, but everyone else is tired too. Try to smile.

  • Be polite and courteous on buses: If you are young, offer your seat to the elderly or a tired mom. Parents, put that smaller child on your lap if possible to allow a seat for someone else.

  • Don’t judge people with disabilities (seen or unseen): It breaks my heart that this happens, but don’t assume someone is cheating the system. Sometimes you can’t see a person’s disability. Just don’t judge other people period unless you’re willing to walk in their shoes. Life lesson!

  • Don’t come to the park sick: This is a given, but people still do it. There are already so many germs at the park, don’t make it worse.

  • Help others in need: I was so thankful when my mom fainted from dehydration that there were kind bystanders willing to help her. A gentlemen who was a paramedic by trade took care of her while we waited for Disney’s paramedics to arrive.

  • Don’t hog tables at Quick Service restaurants: You don’t have to rush either, but if there are a lot of people waiting for tables, move on when you’ve finished your meal. Don’t camp out and take up more space than is needed for your family.

  • Don’t hang out in front of the FastPass entrance waiting for your time: This can be really annoying. You have an hour plus or minus five minutes to ride the ride, but don’t hang out at the entrance waiting for the clock to move. Sometimes you don’t know whose in line and who isn’t. Remember there are FastPass scanners on both sides, don’t take up the entire space and prevent someone else from being able to enter.

  • The single rider line is for single riders: This should be obvious, but I’ve seen this more times than I can count. Where someone will get in the single rider line only to complain that they can’t ride with who they are with. Then, they hold up the line. If you are in the single rider line, you will be split up from your party.

  • Don’t be loud at the hotel in the middle of the night: Many families will be wanting to sleep, especially those will small children and those planning an early start at the parks. Please be quiet and not keep everyone else on your floor awake all night.

  • Don’t complain about wait times at restaurants when you didn’t make an Advanced Dining Reservation: I also have unfortunately seen this many, many times. There are many restaurants you HAVE to have an ADR to eat at and if not you either will not be allowed to eat there or will be waiting a very long time. You have been warned, so don’t complain if you don’t make ADRs.


#2 Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

This is more of a personal one for me. I’ve written a post on What Not to Wear to Disney and some of these will fall under that what no to wear category.

  • Don’t forget to drink enough water: I mentioned above how my mom got dehydrated. Please, please drink plenty of water!! Disney provides free glasses of water at all quick service locations. So, there are no excuses. It gets HOT in Florida especially, so please hydrate, often!

  • Don’t wear the wrong shoes: I mention this in my what not to wear posts. You will be on your feet all day and walking more than you ever dreamed possible, please wear comfortable shoes.

  • Don’t forget sunscreen: I mentioned it’s HOT and the sun will blaze year round, so please wear and re-apply sunscreen as needed. Or you will burn. 

  • Don’t forget your ponchos: They are small and easy to carry around with you. In Florida it could rain even if it isn’t in the forecast, so be prepared just in case.

  • Don’t stand in a long ride line: This is a personal one for me. Don’t kill yourself standing in a standby line for hours. This is bad for your back, your feet and your sanity. Either make sure to get a FastPass for that ride or try to come back just before closing for a shorter line.

  • Don’t push yourself too hard: Go back and take a pool break or nap in the middle of the day. Go get a snack or meal and cool off for a while. You’ll have more fun and will be more relaxed if you don’t push yourself too hard.

  • Don’t forget to use the cast members if you have issues

#3 Don’t Ignore Your Surroundings

This is a pet peeve for many regular park go-ers and there are many things that fall under this category!

  • Cue up unnecessarily: When arriving at the parks, spread out. Don’t form a line just to form a line. You aren’t cutting, there are other entry points. This happens most often at Universal Studios and Animal Kingdom. And, even in the park, don’t stand in a line unless you know where it’s headed.

  • Don’t cut strollers or scooters off & don’t run people over with your strollers and scooters: This is two-sided. Just be careful with strollers and scooters. If you are a pedestrian pay attention to them. Don’t step in front of them and cut them off. If you are a driver of a stroller or scooter, you don’t own the road (walkway) and people are not always aware of you. Don’t run people’s ankles over.

  • Don’t suddenly stop mid-walk in a crowd: This happens often with those double wide strollers or with large family groups. Don’t just stop, walkways are for walking. If you need to stop, move to the side.

  • Don’t stop in middle of walkway to look at map: Same as above

  • Don’t text while walking and stop: Same as above

  • Don’t apply spray sunscreen in a crowd: Self explanatory

  • Don’t photobomb, accidentally or on purpose: This has happened to us several times. Please be aware that there are PhotoPass photographers taking pictures, especially down Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom. People will not pay attention and just walk across between the photographer and the family getting their picture taken. We’ve gained extra family members this way!

  • Be careful with large backpacks: If you choose to wear a large backpack, be aware that there are people around you and don’t smack people in the head with it. Believe it or not, this happens, a lot!

#4 Don’t Under-Plan

As mentioned above about Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs), you will need to plan ahead for some things. Plan out your FastPasses and what additional ones you plan to get when you use your first three. Make Advanced Dining Reservations, especially if you want to eat at more popular spots like Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Need help with planning? Check out my Ultimate Disney World Planning Guide found on Etsy.

#5 Don’t Over-Plan

Once you’ve made your FastPasses and ADRs, just try to relax a little and enjoy the park. You can also spend some time at your resort and take advantage of the amenities there.

#6 Don’t Ignore the Rules

  • Don’t save a place in line: It is very annoying to have a large group of people cutting past you saying their party is farther ahead.

  • Don’t Cut in Line: You can’t get away with it even if you try sometimes. I’ve seen people try to jump over to the FastPass line only to get caught. Many rides make you scan your band again before getting on the ride. But, regardless, it’s wrong and rude. So, don’t do it.

  • Don’t purposefully feed or play with animals: You’re not allowed to anyway, but if you start, they’ll never leave you alone! I’ve seen animals do crazy things at Disney!

  • Don’t pick the wrong fireworks viewing spot: There are rules involving this. If you show up late, on a certain side they will only allow you in certain areas. Be prepared and know where you’ll be standing or get there early enough to save your spot.

  • Don’t litter: There are trash cans everywhere! This is needless!

  • Don’t use flash photography on dark rides: It’s against the rules, blinding and ruins it for others.

  • Don’t ignore the Cast Members instructions: They’re there for a reason

  • Cigarettes: Smoke in designated areas please!

#7 Don’t Forget to Have Fun

That’s what Disney is for!!

  • Relax

  • Don’t stress out

  • Don’t forget to enjoy the shows

  • Don’t over do social media – video everything – post everything: I get it. I’m a blogger and social media is necessary sometimes, but don’t over do it. Enjoy it.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Don’t ever grow up


So those are my top 7 Disney Don’ts! Do you have any Disney Don’ts I didn’t mention? Share in the comments section below!